Welcome to Exelorix.

We offer Social Media Consulting and management, as well as Public Relations services to businesses, non-profits, and government.

With experience working with firms in Financial Services, Medicine, Retail, Politics, and many other areas of business, we show you how to use new media and traditional media to get your message out to the people you need to hear it.

The marketing landscape changes monthly, weekly, at times even daily. 

What works one moment might not work down the road.

Do you know the people who talk about the things you want people to know about?Micromedia can make or break an effort. Do you know which bloggers are setting the pace for your industry? These are people who will define the landscape for whatever you are trying to achieve in months ahead. What is discussed in blogs this month is discussed in "mainstream" media next month  Do you know how to get to the important idea leaders for your industry? We do. 

Want to succeed in communicating an idea on a large scale? Hire us.

One of the keys to business is communication. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in the ability to convey the ideas you need to convey is a core component of your success.


We help you define the conversation.

We help you get ahead of the curve.

What are people talking about in your line of business? What trends are emerging? What trends are dying?

Simply put we:

1. Help you UNDERSTAND what is defining the conversation in your area of business.

2. We IDENTIFY the nodes of influence that are vital to your communication success. They are often different than what a firm thinks.

3. We DEVELOP a stragegy for communicating with these centers of influence.

4. We ENGAGE the influencers to make sure your agenda is furthered.

5. We ASSESS our results and progress accordingly.


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